Dimensioning for the winter

Anyone can generate electricity from PV systems in summer. We tell you what you need to pay attention to in order to achieve relevant yields even in winter.

Dimensioning for the winter
PV power is especially important in winter.

It is important to size a PV system so that it can meet the household's electricity needs even in the months with the lowest yield - December and January. This is especially important if the household wants to be off-grid and must rely on its PV system to produce electricity even in winter.

An adequately sized PV system is capable of producing sufficient electricity even in poor weather conditions, such as when there is little sunlight. Thoughtful sizing of the PV system is therefore critical to ensure that the household's electricity needs can be met even during the months with the lowest yield. To do this, various factors should be considered, such as the household's annual electricity demand, the size of the available roof area, and the household's geographic location.

Design principles for strong winter yield

The design principles presented here cannot completely replace a professional consultation with an expert, but they can at least give you some clues as to what to look out for or what you should be prepared for before such a conversation.

  1. Know your consumption
  2. Make roof/roofs full or use available space
  3. PV Oversizing
  4. Dynamic load